Fitness & Nutrition

About the Fitness & Nutrition page

This is my resource page of things I study and do with respect to fitness and nutrition, the physical aspect of sharpening the saw.

With respect to exercising, I am into strength training. I started with the stronglifts program and do progressive loading. I also run from time to time and participate in running events.

My usual training program is as follow: I pick up some main running events and a program for them. Until the mileage is starting building up during the laste couple of weeks, I do progressive loading using the stronglifts program with the basic lifts. I learned the basic lifts from this book: Starting Strength. The last couple of week I deload heavily on the weights and do also core strengthening exercises. For nutrition I follow the calculations of Bigger Leaner Stronger. The recipes I use you can find them in my related Trello board.

Also a disclaimer. I am not a professional medical care provider or anything of that short. These resources are what I read, listen, watch, follow, study and use for my personal fitness and nutritional needs.

Books (and eBooks)

Some general books that include both nutrition and exercise (more related to weight training):

  • Bigger Leaner Stronger
  • Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger
  • Burn the fat, Feed the muscles

  • Starting Strength
  • Programming

More into nutrition:

  • Better than steroids


This playlist contains guidelines for all the basic lifts by Mark Rippetoe



Bench Press

Overhead Press

Barbell Row

Power Clean

General Inquiry on Strength Training


Apps I use

  • Stronglifts 5x5
  • Garmin Connect (if you own a garmin watch)
  • My Fitness Pal for calorie counting
  • Nike+ to gather my treadmill running as well.
  • Apple's Health app, to add my weight and body fat percentage daily

YouTube channels

Youtube channels I follow

Other interesting resources



  • Hal Higdon
  • Kinetic Revolution


My personal records for running and lifts


  • Squat (3x5): 137.5 kgr
  • Deadlift (1x5): 120 kgr
  • Bench press (5x5): 85 kgr
  • Over-Head Press (5x5): 55 kgr
  • Barbell Row (5x5): 85 kgr
  • Running

    • 1 km (I don't in particular train for these)
    • 1 mile (I don't in particular train for these)
    • 5 km
    • 10 km
    • Half-marathon
    • Marathon: I have not participated in one, yet.