Machine Learning

My machine learning tutorials

This page contains machine learning (aka data mining/statistical inference) resources I have created like tutorials, notes etc. and useful links to other websites.

I also keep a curated list of links in my ml-directory github repo.

Machine Learning Tutorials

List of tutorials I have created for various tasks and algorithms of machine learning.

  • Pre-processing
  • Feature Selection
  • Dimensionality Reduction with PCA and ICA

Machine Learning Tutorials in R

The Machine Learning Tutorials in R mini-site, contains tutorials of classic machine learning algorithms and how they are used within the R statistical environment. The mini-site has tutorials about:

I used R markdown and R studio for creating the mini-site. The sources can be found here.


My github repo containing links to datasets or site hosting datasets for machine learning tasks:

My Learning Deep Learning notes

Notes I've kept while studying Deep Learning. Under development.


Books I handpicked exist in this amazon store.