Machine Learning

My machine learning resources

This page contains machine learning (aka data mining/statistical inference) resources I have created like tutorials, notes etc. and useful links to other websites.

I also keep a curated list of links in my ml-directory github repo.


Along with Themis Diamantopoulos, Michail Papamichail and Andreas Symeonidis, I have co-authored a book entitled: Practical Machine Learning in R.

The book is about quickly entering the world of creating machine learning models in R. The theory is kept to minimum and there are examples for each of the major algorithms for classification, clustering, feature engineering and association rules.

Blog posts

Blog posts on Machine Learning:

Machine Learning Tutorials in R

The Machine Learning Tutorials in R mini-site, contains tutorials of classic machine learning algorithms and how they are used within the R statistical environment. The mini-site has tutorials about:

I used R markdown and R studio for creating the mini-site. The sources can be found here.


My github repo containing links to datasets or site hosting datasets for machine learning tasks:

My Learning Deep Learning notes

Notes I've kept while studying Deep Learning. Under development.