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Favorite books

Everything by Nicolas Nassim Taleb

Black Swan

Reading List


The Money Tree: A Story About Finding the Fortune in Your Own Backyard

by Chris Guillebeau

  • Short Summary: The book focuses on building wealth through the third way. That is not through a standard corporate job and not through a VC-backed startup but rather through a micro-entrepreneurship approach. "You can do better"
  • Review: I would recommend it to readers that are starting their journey into personal growth and development - they will find it inspiring, but not to readers that have erad a few books and listened to podcasts on the topic - I believe they will find it contrived. Everything is said through a story.

Stocks on the move

  • Short Summary: A clear and concise algorithm on how to beat an index fund with backtesting up to 15 years against the S&P 500.
  • Review: If you are looking on a long term strategy to invest your money on the stock market I recommend it. However use this strategy at your own risk.


by Wall Street Playboys

  • Short Summary: Cookbook to get your first million in a ten year span along with health, relationships and life tactics to efficiently navigate through life. The basic gist is to have everything to a very good level like health, relationaships and fun, while work your way through your own business and passive or semi-passive income.
  • Review: I read it when I am 42 years old in 2020 and it was published in 2017. It is very opinionated which is something I liked. Since we are moving in a very fast paced world and in different places around the planet not everything can be mapped to a 42 year old male living in Greece, but I found it as a motivator to learn about selling and marketing.