Hi and welcome to the main point of entry of my digital life. My name is Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou and I like to consider myself an Intelligent Systems, Data and Software Engineer. Currently I am a research associate at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, working as a technical manager of the S-CASE project.

My research and business interests are in the areas of:

  • Machine Learning with and for Software Engineering
    • Big Code: How we can use machine learning for improving existing software or composing existing software artifacts into functional piece of code.
    • Applied Machine Learning and Big Data: Designing and building real-world systems that make use of machine learning.
  • Applied Artificial intelligence for creating real-life Autonomous Agents
    • where rather than going top-down, from theory to practice, take the road of going bottom-up, by combining artificial intelligence research into engineering autonomous agents for real-life applications.
  • Digital Analytics: 
    • I am very keen on measuring things. "If you can not measure it, you can not improve it". The goal of this line of work is to design scalable systems to support the cycle of measuring, reporting, analysing, testing and improving in the era of Big Data, devise metrics, key performance indicators and visualizations that are contextually specific and easy to comprehend and efficiently make the required calculations. Areas of interest? Software, Energy, Internet of Things, e-commerce.

As I developer, I am fond of the MEAN stack for building web applications, but also work with Java, Python and R in my projects.

My site is structured as follows:

  • About - Information about me, including my CV and my social media profiles.
  • Blog - My blog on personal, research and development activities, tutorials and how to posts, personal opinions, book reviews etc.
  • Research -  My portfolio of research projects.
  • Development - My development portfolio that includes open source software, libraries and tools I am involved as well as any live applications web or mobile.
  • Publications - My publications profile and list of publications by year and by type.
  • Writing - My writing projects.