Hi and welcome to the main point of entry to my digital self.

My name is Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou and I am an intelligent systems, data and software engineer as well as an indy researcher.

My research, development and business interests are in the broad area of Software Engineering and Machine Learning. In particular:

  • Engineering intelligent software systems (software agents), algorithms and models for automating (and improving) various tasks humans do, with focus on lifelong machine learning techniques and their quality. Example domains are trading, energy, bioinformatics, software, e-commerce, etc.
  • Building web applications, tools and libraries that provide value to the users.
  • Devising metrics, tools and models for assessing the quality of software (functional suitability, reliability, performance efficiency, compatibility, usability, reliability, security, maintainability, portability) and intelligent (Software 2.0) systems (interpretability, trust, accountability, energy efficiency, privacy etc.)

As a developer (and for the time being as these things change), I am fond of the MERN stack (MongoDB, Expressjs, React.js, Node.js) for building web applications, but I also work with Angular, C#, Go, Python and R in projects.

My site is structured as follows:

  • About
    • Me: information about me, including my CV and my social media profiles.
    • Timeline: my personal timeline.
  • Blog: my blog on personal, research and development activities, tutorials and 'how tos', personal opinions, book reviews, exercise and nutrition posts etc.
  • Bits: where I list short snippets of code and knowledge in various domains.
  • Notes: links to notes I keep on various subjects.
  • External: links to pieces that I created and exist on external platforms like medium, twitter, substack etc.
  • Research: my portfolio of research projects that includes areas of research and funded projects I worked or I am working on.
  • Development: my portfolio of development projects that includes open source software, libraries and tools I am involved in (as a developer or as a manager/team leader), as well as any running applications web or mobile.
  • Publications: my publish or perish statistics profile and my publications list.
  • Resources: Pages that provide links to the best things (articles, videos, books, podcasts etc.) I found on the web on specific subjects along with my narration and links to my posts. I got this idea from Martin Fowler's Resource Guides, as for example that on Microservices.