My research portfolio

Big Code

AKA mining software reservoirs and software related data, software analytics etc. with the goal of improving the various facets the software lifecycle.

Software Quality

Research on assessing the quality of a software project and quantifying the various (ISO 25010) quality characteristics: Functional Suitability, Performance Efficiency, Maintainability, Usability, Security, Portability, Reliability, Compatibility.


The making of an automated/autonomous data scientist.

Intelligent Software Agents

Explore techniques in the areas of machine learning and computational neuroscience for creating real-world intelligent agents as for example in games or in the internet.

Continuous Implicit Authentication

Research on behavioral biometrics for continuous implicit authentication taking into account keyboard strokes, taps and swipes for Desktop and Mobile applications.

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My PhD dissertation! NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Reservoirs, or for short NEAR, is an algorithm that combines Neuroevolution and Learning in order to optimize and train Echo State Networks for solving reinforcement learning and time series forecasting problems.

Agent Mertacor

Our agent for the Trading Agent Competition, Ad Auctions (1st place 2012, 3rd place 2010) and Supply Chain Management (3rd place 2005) games.

Older Research Projects

Older research projects I was able to maintain in a publishable format.

About Me

Hi! My name is Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou, I am an Intelligent Systems, Data and Software Engineer. This is my website.


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