Hi and welcome to the main point of entry to my digital self.

My name is Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou. Since I prefer my work to talk about who I am, I will just say that my background is Software Engineering (programmer, architect, team manager) and Machine Learning (PhD and as a researcher) and so are my research, development and business interests. At the moment my main interests are:

  • Architecting and programming solid, high quality web applications
  • Automated trading
  • Applying machine learning in various domains
  • Looking for my next startup gig after two failures (one founded, one joined)
  • Learning DeFi
  • Writing programming, machine learning and blockchain/DeFi books and posts, producing courses on the subjects
  • Learning how to draw
  • Getting from fat to savage
  • Learning STEM stuff and robotics to my kids and produce content around it
  • Learn and get better in online selling and marketing (so please bare some affiliate links :)).
  • Coding open source software

As a developer (and for the time being as these things change), I am fond of the MERN stack (MongoDB, Expressjs, React.js, Node.js) for building web applications, React Native for building mobile apps but I also work with Angular, NestJS, C#, Go, Python and R in projects.

My site is structured as follows:

  • About
    • Me: information about me, including my CV and my social media profiles.
    • Timeline: my personal timeline.
  • Blog: my blog on personal, research and development activities, tutorials and 'how tos', personal opinions, book reviews, exercise and nutrition posts etc.
  • Bits: where I list short snippets of code and knowledge in various domains.
  • Notes: links to notes I keep on various subjects.
  • External: links to pieces that I created and exist on external platforms like medium, twitter, substack etc.
  • Research: my portfolio of research projects that includes areas of research and funded projects I worked or I am working on.
  • Development: my portfolio of development projects that includes open source software, libraries and tools I am involved in (as a developer or as a manager/team leader), as well as any running applications web or mobile.
  • Publications: my publish or perish statistics profile and my publications list.
  • Resources: Pages that provide links to the best things (articles, videos, books, podcasts etc.) I found on the web on specific subjects along with my narration and links to my posts. I got this idea from Martin Fowler's Resource Guides, as for example that on Microservices.