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Generating plausible paper titles with Recurrent Neural Networks

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Nov 7, 2019 09:48 | tutorials

A fun project where I tried to create an RNN model with LSTMs to generate plausible paper titles from a small corpus of IEEE transactions paper titles.

Fitting modified Gombertz and Baranyi equations for bacterial growth in R

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Oct 26, 2019 10:40 | tutorials

An example on how to fit two well know equations for bacterial growth, modified Gompertz and Baranyi, using non-linear least-squares in R

Sending graphql queries using http.Client in Go

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Oct 15, 2019 05:30 | tutorials

Performing GraphQL queries (to GiHub) using a basic http.Client in Go

Calculating the running average and variance of streaming data using redis

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Apr 4, 2019 21:33 | tutorials

An example of how one can calculate the running average and the running variance of a stream of numbers using redis, lua (and python in this example)

On collinearity and feature selection

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Mar 22, 2019 15:00 | tutorials

How and if collinearity or multicollinearity interferes with features selection and machine learning goals in general

Make your environment variables more robust by making them more fragile

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Jan 29, 2019 08:39 | tutorials

In this post I explain how I use the "making the software more fragile in order to make it more robust” strategy by Yegor Bugayenko to robustify my node.js apps.

Machine learning tutorials mini-site

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Nov 10, 2016 15:19 | tutorials

Creating a mini-site for machine learning using R markdown and Github

Searchable, scrollable bootstrap dropdown with angularjs

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Oct 23, 2014 02:54 | tutorials

So you are working in AngularJS, you are using the Bootstrap framework and the requirement is to create a dropdown button, which will include several (list) items and that a) is scrollable and b) is searchable because the menu items are many.

SSL/HTTPS server with Node.js and Express.js

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Oct 14, 2014 09:56 | tutorials

Tutorial on how to create an SSL/HTTPS server with Node.js and Expressjs

Calculating the fractal dimension of the Greek coastline (1.25)

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Apr 19, 2013 00:54 | tutorials

Inspired by the Introduction to Complexity course and the unit on Fractals, I though it would be fun to make a rough calculation of the fractal dimension of the Greek coastline using the box counting method.

Fitting a sigmoid curve in R

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Jul 8, 2012 08:54 | tutorials

This is a short tutorial on how to fit data points that look like a sigmoid curve using the nls function in R

IEEE ICDM 2010 Contest

by Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou | Sep 8, 2010 09:25 | tutorials

My participation in the IEEE ICDM content