Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing code in Java


Java code for Ray Tracing I was able to retrieve from backup. I developed it for an MSc course in image computation. Really enjoyable project. Below you can see some demo images. The scenery is modelled using triangles and spheres, while the ray tracing code supports absortion, reflection and refraction. The input files can be found in the GitHub repo below.

Absorption and Reflection

Ray tracing image with triangles (floor) and one sphere using only absortion and reflection:

ray tracing demo 1 - reflection

Absorption, Reflection and Refraction

Ray tracing image with triangles (floor) and two spheres using absortion, reflection and refraction:

ray tracing demo 2 - refraction

Complex model

Full scale ray tracing image with triangles (floor, pyramid, mirrors, teapot) and shperes (single sphere and a sphereflake). This model contains 7000+ spheres and 6,000+ triangles!

ray tracing demo 3 - complex model

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