Continuous Implicit Authentication

Behavioral Biometrics


The goal of this research ares is to provide continuous implicit authentication through behavioural biometrics. For example gestures for mobile devices and kiosks or keystroke dynamics when using the keyboard.

For performing continuous implicit authentication on gestures we have built BrainRun, a gaming app that helps you improve your cognitive skills and in between register gestures for our research.

Related Publications


journal Michail D. Papamichail, Kyriakos C. Chatzidimitriou, Thomas Karanikiotis, Napoleon-Christos I. Oikonomou, Andreas L. Symeonidis, Sashi K. Saripalle: BrainRun: A Behavioral Biometrics Dataset towards Continuous Implicit Authentication, 2019, Data, 4(2) [Dataset] [DOI: 10.3390/data4020060]

The article is published under Open Access policy.

Diploma Theses

I've worked on the subject with diploma theses students in the following proejcts: